span span noun 1. the length of time that sth lasts or is able to continue • 持续时间:
»I worked with him over a span of six years.
»The project must be completed within a specific time span.
»Small children have a short attention span.
--› see also lifespan 2. span (of sth) a range or variety of sth • 范围;包括的种类:
»Managers have a wide span of control.
»These forests cover a broad span of latitudes.
3. the part of a bridge or an arch between one vertical support and another • (桥或拱的)墩距,跨距,跨度:
»The bridge crosses the river in a single span.
4. the width of sth from one side to the other • 宽度;翼展:
»The kite has a span of 1.5 metres.
风筝宽 1.5 米。
--› see also wingspan verb (-nn-) [VN] 1. to last all through a period of time or to cover the whole of it • 持续;贯穿:
»His acting career spanned 55 years.
他的演艺生涯长达 55 年。
»Family photos spanning five generations were stolen.
2. to include a large area or a lot of things • 包括(广大地区);涵盖(多项内容):
»The operation, which spanned nine countries, resulted in 200 arrests.
这次行动涉及九个国家,逮捕了 200 人。
3. to stretch right across sth, from one side to the other • 横跨;跨越 【SYN】 cross :
»a series of bridges spanning the river
adj. 【IDIOMS】 --› see spick
* * *
=Statistical Processing and Analysis 統計處理及分析

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